22 Essential Tips to Save Money on Fuel!

How to Save Money on Fuel!


We all want to save money on fuel. Here at Cambrian Fuel Cards and Telematics, we know how important maximising fuel efficiency is to our customers. We all want to save money on fuel and free up cash for other things. After all, why pay more for fuel when you don’t have to?  By enlisting these, often unknown, tips below you can make your money and your motor go further!

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More Information


All transactions are secure as all Shell cards are PIN protected giving you tighter control over driver spending and reducing the risk of fuel fraud.

Fuel Management

Detailed invoices are issued showing the site, registration, date, time and quantity of fuel drawn and mileage recordings. Bespoke reports are available on request and a free of charge Web Server gives you access to your account 365 days a year. Miles per gallon reports are also available on request.

Credit Terms

Payment terms are twice monthly by Direct Debit. Weekly payment terms are also available. Any transactions from the 1st to the 15th of the month becomes payable at the end of that month and any transactions made from the 16th to the end of that month becomes payable on the 15th of the following month giving you up to 30 days interest free credit.

No Set-Up Cost

It costs you nothing to join and there is no obligation to use the system. We don’t even charge you for cards! (Subject to usage)

If you have a business fuel card requirement and are looking for an unparalleled level of service then give us a call on 0800 612 6132 or 01633 677 677 
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