Telematics Solutions


Cambrian Fuel Card Services is proud to offer Telematics vehicle tracking
solutions to businesses of all sizes.


Telematics offers you the ability to monitor all your vehicles and drivers and keep an accurate track of business efficiency.

  • Once the tracking device has been fitted to your vehicle, our solution integrates with Google Maps giving you real-time data on your vehicles locations and journeys.


  • You can monitor driver behaviour and ensure your branded fleet is driving safely. Our Telematics Solution also offers the ability to instate Geofencing which limits your drivers to certain geographic areas. If your drivers stray beyond these areas you will recieve notifications via email or text.
  • Knowing exactly where your fleet is allows you to help drivers avoid traffic jams and accidents.


  • Reducing your fleets journeys times cuts fuel consumption and lessens your companies carbon footprint.


  • We also offer dashcams to compliment the telematics solution. Dashcams are invaluable assets if your vehicles are ever involved in road traffic accidents. They also lower insurance premiums.

View our useful Telematics Infographics

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Download our Telematics Customer Presentation PDF here


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