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17 Oct
Telematics compulsory after fatal bus crash?

Telematics may become compulsory as a result of a fatal bus crash  The crash which occurred in Coventry in October 2015 could force companies to adhere to new regulations and make...

urging drivers to ‘wise up and size up’
17 Oct
Drivers urged to ‘wise up and size up’

  Network Rail are urging drivers to ‘wise up and size up’.   A railway bridge in Cambridgeshire has been hit 15 times this year by drivers misjudging the heights of their vehicles.  The...

24 Sep
Speeding: is zero tolerance going to work?

There are many conflicting views from different sectors regarding the introduction of a zero-tolerance approach to speeding. Is driving 1mph over the limit really a punishable offence?There is a mixed message...